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Animal rights group releases video of live chicks ground at Iowa egg plant

Mercy for Animals, an animal rights group, exposed serious cruelty at an Iowa egg plant. In a video released by the group, workers toss unwanted baby chicks into a grinder while still alive. Male chicks are sent to the grinders because they are of little value to the egg plant since they are unable to lay eggs and cannot be raised for meat.

Health care reform supporters are hopeful that September will change the discussion

Supporters of the health care reform bill are hopeful that in September the debate will change for the best. September 15, President Barack Obama will give a speech about health care. A CNN Research Poll shows that the President has only 44 percent support from American on the health care issue.

Pres. Obama feels good about direction of manufacturing sector

President Barack Obama feels positively about a report saying that the economy is in the process of recovering. Manufacturing has seen a substantial jump, finally moving upward after a 19 month slump.

U.S-Cuba talks to resume in September

September 17, the United States will continue negotiations with Cuba that will allow Cubans to legally immigrate to the U.S. The talks started, which started in late spring have eased restrictions on travel to and from Cuba. For 46 years mail could not be sent directly to Cuba from the United States. Restarting direct mail services between to two nations will be a point of discussion in the September talks.

Obama will host dinner in honor of Ramadan on Tuesday

Tuesday, President Barack Obama will host a dinner in honor of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Muslim leaders, ambassadors from Islamic nations, United States government leaders and Congress members are expected to be in attendance. The holy month of Ramadan began August 22.

Obama’s administration may not support defense spending bill because of jet engines

President Obama’s administration refuses to support a defense bill that would approve $680 billion in spending if fighter jets have two separate engines. Robert Gates, Defense Secretary, has stated that having two separate engines for the jets is an unnecessary luxury.

Russians remember 2004 attack on Belsan school

Tuesday, Russians remember the attack on a Belsan school. September 1, 2004 over 1,000 individuals were held hostage by militants calling for the withdrawal of Russian military from Chechnya. More than half of the 334 people who died were children.

Martin Meehan may run for Senate

January 19, 2010, an election will be held to fill the seat left vacant after Senator Ted Kennedy’s death. Martin Meehan is considering running in the election to fill Kennedy’s seat. Late this week, Meehan will announce his decision. Martin Meehan is a former congressman of Massachusetts.

President Obama encourages Americans to get swine flu vaccination

The fall flu season is quickly approaching and the threat of a major swine flu epidemic has prompted President Barack Obama to encourage Americans to protect themselves by getting the vaccination. He wants Americans to be “prepared”.

FAA to hear pilot scheduling regulation recommendations

The FAA will issue new regulations, which are intended to reduce the number of fatigued pilots and make the skies a safer place to fly. At this time, airline companies have voiced their desire to schedule pilots who have less strenuous flight schedules for longer hours, but the unions object. Tuesday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will hear regulation recommendations from an advisory committee.