US Politics News Bits for Sunday, May 14th 2017

Pentagon program to allow Afghan prisoners to challenge imprisonment

Prisoners in Afghanistan under United States custody will be permitted to dispute their imprisonment under a new program set forth by the Pentagon. Detainee Review Boards will hear prisoners’ challenges to their imprisonment and will consider evidence and witness testimony presented in their defense.

White House and Congress discuss regulation of health insurers

The White House and Congress seem to have turned its attention away from discussion of a government-run health insurance option. Sunday, attention was directed toward discussing the regulation of private insurers to lower health care costs and to make health insurance more accessible to all citizens.

Swine flu vaccine update

Swine flu vaccinations may be available as soon as October, before the height of flu season.

Congressman Wilson refuses to give apology on House floor for yelling “You lie!”

Republican congress Joe Wilson is refusing to deliver a second apology for his outburst at President Barack Obama’s health care speech Wednesday night. The congressman caused a stir when he shouted “You lie!” during the President’s speech. Wilson apologized to President Obama, but refuses to deliver a second apology on the House floor. If he does not give a second apology, leaders of the House intend to officially condemn Wilson’s conduct.

Obama’s Afghanistan plans questioned by Congress

Senator s Diane Feinstein, Carl Levin, Susan Collins, Jeanne Shaheen, and Dick Durbin are questioning President Barack Obama’s plan to increase the number of troops headed for Afghanistan. Senator Feinstein wants to hear word of a particular date to pull American troops out of Afghanistan.

Obama to press on with health despite American protest of spending

Americans’ displeasure at the state of the economy will not derail President Barack Obama’s hopes for health care reform. Saturday, tens of thousands of Americans gathered in protest of excessive government spending.

ACORN and Census Bureau part ways

Associations of Community Organization for Reform Now (ACORN) and the Census Bureau have parted ways. The two dissolved ties because of the Census Bureau’s concern that ACORN’s negative publicity could “negatively impact 2010 census efforts. The Republican Party accused ACORN of fraudulent voter-registration practices after employees of the organization falsified registration forms to increase their income.