US Courts: Justice Run Amok

As we are sure you have noted from media reports, an all-out war has been launched against the family, marriage, and Christianity (singled out among all the religions existing in the US for special persecution).

Some of the courts (whose justices are not elected, often serve for life, and who deem themselves therefore unaccountable to the public) have gone over the edge, ruling in matters that are out of their subject jurisdiction and handing down rulings contrary to the provisions of the US Constitution and the original intent of the founding fathers.

Something must be done, and it must be done pronto before more serious damage is done. A quick study of history will show that the very survival of the nation could be at stake. What we are seeing in the United States today parallels the trends in the ancient civilizations as they slid their way down the tubes in disgrace.

There are things the US Congress can do immediately, if they will:

  1. Impeachment and disbarment is a possibility for some judges, based upon their conduct on the bench and off
  2. Congressional action to remove subject jurisdiction is a possibility
  3. Shutting off the funding tap to renegade courts is a possibility, effectively shutting down those courts
  4. Establishing new courts and reducing the geographical jurisdiction of the renegade courts to near-zip is a possibility
  5. The Congress can align itself solidly behind actions in the courts against the perversity of the few that stand to harm the whole
  6. The Congress can force an up-or-down vote on all court nominees

There is provision in the Constitution and laws of our nation for some of these actions; for some there is even established precedent. The true issue here is whether our elected leaders have the WILL to act in accordance with the desire of the very people who elected them.

History will not be forgiving of any who procrastinate or stick their proverbial heads in the sand. As a nation (and particularly as government leaders) the time to act is NOW. Those who genuinely care about the survival of the family, marriage, our faith and our children’s future are waking up, and are determined to do whatever is necessary within the law to turn this mess around. There is such a thing as righteous, scriptural anger. YOU can make a genuine difference: the ball is in your court.