Support the Cause with our T-Shirts

We always want our message to go through the public. And in order to make the public be aware of what we believe in, we arrange events for a cause that will make them aware of what is happening around us. And these events are usually celebrated wearing uniformed t-shirts that have designs representing the cause that we want the people to be aware of.

However, getting supporters for our cause is not easy, but we’ve managed to find the right ways on how to gather them through the experiences we’ve gone through. We share them to our people as a way on how they can create their own cause, too, and this is not only by wearing printed shirts from using the heat press machines.

Seek personal connection

You must look for a connection that you feel is personal to you. There are various organizations out there, yet when it comes to finding that one thing that is certainly a match to your values and history it will make you more engaged with the organization. It will also allow you to contribute better.

Research first then engage with the team

Events for a cause is mostly seen by the public as a charity. You can check out the Charity Navigator in order to see how much money every charity makes use of for when they start out a cause rather than for overhead, fundraising and marketing. There are a number of charities that can give as little as 70% of funds that they have received from their cause. Once you got the shortlist of charities, get your team involved in it. Find out the kind of causes that they really care about and pick one that the whole team feels good about rallying around. It doesn’t have to limit with one charity group. The more you feel like you can connect with, the better.

Go Local

Being in a political awareness cause, we see how people are lacking in the compassion plane. This is because most people have become extra cautious with strangers. Showing compassion is almost like an ulterior motive to some people. There are so many causes right now and it is equated with so many problems that it can be very overwhelming. This is why it is best to consider donating to one or more of the local organizations that tackles the problems in the city or neighbourhood that you live in. Not only will be involved with the cause by giving money, you also get to engage with your team in donating time. Sometimes the best heart-warmer is by giving of oneself.

Find your passion

Search for something that is in alignment with what you are passionate about. Make sure this is an organization that you wish to be involved with during the long term.

Create a charitable cause

It is highly recommended that the founder adds up a charitable component in their operations. Certain groups come up with a program that invites clinics that perform first aid and much other medical support to different inter-city sports. It can also be a giving away of scholarships to the ones that are deserving, particularly the underprivileged students. When you invest in a charitable program, it sets out a great example for the team you manage. It will also create that positive energy and goodwill within the office.

Whenever you create an event or charity for a cause, never forget to have your t-shirts designed and printed using the heat press machine. The results of the heat press machines are long lasting and they don’t fade away unlike other printing techniques do.