Introduction to Status

This is the section of the website that will talk about how the real law will apply to your life and Constitutional rights. If you are looking to read about straw man theories that are nonsensical to read about, then you have come to the wrong website. We will be discussing all of the different ways that your legal status applies and how it makes your status as a “free” citizen is influenced by the government and the various amendments to the Constitution. By reading this section you will be able to get a more in-depth understanding of the status of your Constitutional rights, and the importance of those rights to your person as well.

Other groups may claim the same things about other legal ideas and terms. You should not so easily buy into their claims of legal expertise. And many of those groups are merely shams who have non-existent experiences and knowledge about different legal ideas and concepts. If you are looking for full-proof arguments and explanations about your Constitutional rights, then you have come to the right place. All of your questions about your legal status and freedom will be answered clearly and succinctly with the information that you can get from this web page. We at the coalition recommend that you choose to use the proper legal channels and terminology if you want to ensure that you are taken seriously by the courts that you are in. People in legal professions will also acknowledge your validity if you use the same terminologies and concepts that they do.

People are invited to read about the definitions of common legal terms that are written below. You will be able to get a better sense of how you legal status can impact your day to day life. You should also take a look at the overview of your status to read more about how you are being tricked by the current government. It is true, there are certain ways that the government manipulates the courts and legal systems in order to control you. And in order to check to see if your status is truly independent of the government, you will have to familiarize yourself with these various concepts and ideas which are put forward by the courts themselves.

A person, in the court of law, is applied to women, men, and children. All of these persons are also referred to as natural persons of the state. Human and person are not terms that mean the same thing in legal terms.

In the court of law, a citizen refers to persons who gain rights and must follow laws based on the constitution of the United States of America. People, who are citizens, have got the right to vote and participate in the many different legal and political systems of the country.

Sui Juris is another more complicated legal idea. To be Sui Juris, a person must have independence and freedom. And if a person is Sui Juris, they are free to make contracts and own property.