PAC Groups


Overview of PAC groups

This is a page that will cover an overview of the different legal and political groups that are associated and affiliated with the People’s Awareness Coalition. The Coalition has been in existence since the 1990’s. And during all of the time since then, PAC has grown in many different ways. And it has also undergone all of those different stages of growth. And that growth stages have also included the creation and addition of new and different web domains related to the People’s Awareness Coalition. As an addition to serve as a clarification to all of those different domains and groups, we have included a question and answer section to help you understand more about the different groups that are associated with PAC.

We also have an included addition of an email group that you can sign up for. Please consider signing up for this email group if you want to stay more informed about the latest information and articles that are written on this website. You can also sign up for our educational group if you want to learn more about the different legal aspects and terms that are related to the Constitution and your rights. Here are also some questions that should help you understand more about the different groups about PAC.

  • Why different PAC groups?

The groups that are part of PAC are composed of people who understand that the government is not in political and legal alignment with the original Constitution that was written. This is because of the many amendments that have been made to the Constitution of the United States. All of these Constitution Amendments have meant the original goals and political ideas are not the same with the original one. So, therefore, a lot of people have created these different PAC groups in order to fully clarify the ideas and political ideologies of the original Constitution of the United States of America.

  • Why join the cause of PAC?

As it as previously stated on this page, the government is curtailing the rights and independence of people. And it is the goal of PAC to help educate others on how to fully understand the rights under the original framework of the Constitution before it was amended. Our principles have never changed since our creation decades earlier in the 1990’s. We strive to provide education and help people understand some of the more difficult terms as for how it is being used in many legal and court systems of the United States of America. We also have the experience of many different people who live in different states in the U.S. So you are not alone because you will have the benefit of all of those people who will also stand with you in your fight. It would not be wise to stand alone because you would not have the benefit of being taught by all of those other people who have had more experience than you. So that is why you should join the cause of PAC.