Patriot Myths


  Introduction to Myths about Freedom

For anyone looking for information related to Freedom or Sovereign, then you have encountered sources of information about those topics. Web sites and other resources often use different words and terms to refer to these concepts. So if you would like to learn what the words Freedom and Sovereign actually mean when they refer to Constitutional law, then you have come to the right section of this website. This part of the website will attempt to explain what those concepts mean in legal and political terms. This web page will also attempt to clarify how these terms are used in certain kinds of legal situations and laws. And finally, we will also attempt to debunk certain myths about the constitution in this section as well. We will separate the ideals versus the reality of the concepts of Freedom and Sovereignty.

In most cases, people try to do certain methods of freeing themselves from the government. And the government and the courts under the government tend to not look at these methods as being correct. The courts of the government will not see or even understand these ways of independence. You can say that these ideas that the government perpetuates are sent to confuse the people who are trying to obtain independence from the government. And this idea that is put forward by the government is also gaining popularity amongst people as well. So a lot of people have got a lot of misconceptions when it comes to ideas about freeing themselves.

So you will need to understand that there are certain differences in the use of words between legal and regular languages. People often tend to confuse the meaning of certain legal and political terms with that of regular use of those words. And in order to actually be able to fully grasp the meaning of these words, as the courts use them, you will also need to understand the legal and political meaning of the concepts of Freedom and Sovereignty as well. There is also a workaround to going around the law as well. However, most of these workaround methods are either false or shams. These methods are misapplications of the law. The courts will not honor these workaround methods because they are seen as simply being meaningless and nonsensical.

It gets even more complicated due to the fact that there are new political statuses which are created under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. This new Amendment to the Constitution establishes a new nexus which legalizes all people to be bound to the same legislature that it creates. So in essence due to this new 14th Amendment, people are not free because they are bound to the legalities of the constitution. People are trapped in a maze of private laws and other rules created by the new Constitution. And the rights of people are actively being curtailed due to this single Amendment to the constitution. And this makes the situation even worse for everyone because legal issues are even further complicated.