Make Your Political Shirts at Home!

If printing your political shirts at a printing company is very expensive, you can buy your own printing machine. There are different ways on how to print shirts with your political messages on it, but the best printing style that many printing companies love is the heat press machine. The reason for this is because they have very high quality prints, even if they print quickly. There are a lot of best heat press machines for sale, and the one that you’ll pick depends on the style of transfer you want.

Here are some information that will help you get started with which heat press machines you can use.

Starter heat press

This is the an entry-level starter press that is designed to offer the most affordable way in starting a small scale fabric printing business. Such a handy device are affordable, compact and simple. However, they are not designed for production on high volumes so they may come with compromises such as slow process of warming up or its analog controls can get frustrating when they are used on high volumes. However, if you are simply printing this for your own personal use, like for hobbies or just for occasional production, then this is the type of heat press machine you should go for.

Intermediate Heat Press

Yet, if you are aiming for a higher volume production that is more than capable of what the heat press can do and that you can’t afford the price of buying a professional model, this is the option to go to. Just order a model that is designed to achieve a capacity way more than what the starter heat press can do, but is more affordable than the professional models. The products made for this purpose are not inferior ones. They come with a simpler design yet more affordable compared to the fully equipped range-troopers that are equipped with all the features that professional models can do.

Try to look for the Stahls Maxx Clamshell model that debuted in the year 2009, which replaced the Might Clam Lite and Might Clam models. They were the most popular models way before the Maxx Clamshell. As the name of the model says, it is in a clamshell style wherein it is like a door that closes and opens. It moves on an arc style at the axis right at the back of the device’s platen. This has a simpler motion compared to the swing-away. It also comes with a lot of good presses that can be used for the configuration.

Professional Heat Press

At this point, this particular model is something that you want to have when you are thinking about printing shirts in huge volumes. This is perfect for those in the business of shirt printing. The temperature can easily heat up and you get to change the temperature, heat and pressure quickly. You also get to end the cycle alarms and even monitor the pressure through a digital readout at the control panel.

Printing political shirts on your own

The heat press machine, which is at this point you might have chosen the starter heat press, you have to prep it according to instructions. It will take time to heat up the temperature of the device. The heat press machine uses a transfer paper that will be used to ‘transfer’ the design onto the shirt. Make sure that you follow the instructions of the transfer paper, like how if you use the laser printer to print the design onto your shirt, you need to buy a transfer paper that is designed for laser printing.