Make Your Own Anti-Trump Shirts

Wasn’t the recent elections in the US quite controversial? You’d hear and read a lot of opinions and you can really tell that they are divided. The way politics is conducted in the US are quite different anywhere else, but you can see how it has made the whole scene quite complicated. There are those that shout he is being a puppet to a mysterious group of people that are controlling the economy of the US. Others insist, obviously the Trump supporters, that the current administration is destroying the lives of the Americans.

And as media have always focused on what Trump badly does, he is also seen as a tyrant and a ignorant fool who doesn’t know how to handle politics. This has garnered him a lot of anti-trump protests because people are barely seeing any results. Or at least that is what most people have seen.

Are you Anti-Trump?

Those who ally themselves for being anti-trump have a lot of good reasons to do so. They vent out their frustrations through protests, even taking them to the streets. One thing that you will notice among these people is that they are wearing shirts that has a brand at the front, bearing a sign or symbol that states they are anti-trump. These shirts can be funded by a group of anti-trump protesters, or those that feel that they can gain huge profits from people willing to buy anti-trump shirts because of their anger towards the current president.

Sometimes the prices of these printed shirts with anti-trump design printed on it can be quite steep, especially if you join a protest that have heat press machines at the location. There are instances like that they want to take advantage of the emotions of people that are very angry and it will be difficult for people to control that emotion, thus they get tempted to buy those shirts at a very steep price.

You don’t have to go through this at all. All you need is a design and a printing company to have your shirt printed.

Heat press machine printing

The heat press machine is capable of printing on any flat surface. It uses a transfer paper that has the printed design on it, which will then be transferred to the surface of the shirt. It usually takes less than a minute to have the shirt printed, not to mention it would cost less compared to when you buy the anti-trump shirts during the protest.

How to pick a design?

Since this is an anti-trump designed shirt, there are no rules at all you can be as creative as you can by making your own designs, or pick one that is already available online. Just keep note though that some of these designs are not to be distributed commercially. This means that you are not allowed to distribute it and gain profit from it. If you want to do it this way, you have to contact the author or the artist of the design that you’ve picked before selling it. Never sell the design if the author or artist says so or you will face a lawsuit.

Once you have the design, you head straight to the printing company that uses the heat press machine print the design on a transfer paper and have it printed on to your preferred choice of fabric.

It is better to have your anti-trump shirts printed on a heat press using a design that you can see online. Just don’t forget to ask permission if you can use the image.