Is the Constitution Out of Date?

I’m incredibly shocked, amazed and sad that I continue to hear this argument. This argument coincides that Ron Paul would be a good Presidential candidate in the 1880’s.

Have things really changed that much in 100 years that the greatest document ever written in the history of the United States, maybe in the history of the world is no longer valid? (leaving out the bible because it’s open to interpretation)

I can almost assure you that 9 out of 10 people who claim that the Constitution is outdated and needs to be rewritten have never read the Constitution or haven’t read it in it’s entirety. And 9.5 of those 10 probably never looked into the inspiration for the Constitution and why it was written the way it was.

Our Founding Fathers were intelligent enough men to know that things change with time. They wont always be the same 200 years from now as they are today. One major factor contributing to people thinking the constitution is out of date are the people who feel that crime is caused by the second amendments right to bear arms and the Separation of church and state. And we have so many other people today who are “active” in politics because they have access to the internet. So they offer their own interpretation on the constitution to where things are being misinterpreted left and right – no pun intended.

Some or most may disagree with me but the major reason why gun crimes are up has nothing to do with our second amendment rights or increased population. There’s no way you can tell me that we’ve actually de-evolved as a civilization that people are more inclined to commit violent gun crimes.

And you can’t also tell me that it’s guns that kill people. It’s the people who kill people. If someone wanted someone dead, they would kill them. Having the gun isn’t a convenience. If guns kill people, do pencils misspell words?

The one major change in our society from 200 years ago to today is our economy. People were happy, prosperous and financially secured then they are today. People are in debt, can’t afford a home, have their home foreclosed on them by banks, have $100,000 in school loan debts, making such little money in a city where the cost of living is painfully high. These are enough stresses to freak people out enough to want to kill others over disagreements.

Rewriting the constitution isn’t going to fix that. All it’s going to do is make criminals out of people who want guns. Our Prisons are full enough as it is. We don’t need to be taxed further to control something that isn’t the problem. We need to implement a consistent plan to rebuild our economy, regain our lands from banks and revalue our dollar. Then you’ll see things get better.

The right to bear arms was written as the second amendment because it’s one of the most important ones. Almost as important as our Freedom of Speech. Our Freedom of the Press is also important. I think it harms our military more than it helps our country, but you don’t see me up in arms about rewriting the constitution. I even think that the press contribute to more deaths in wars since Vietnam.

They publicize everything and make things appear to be extremely bad even when it’s in self defense. A perfect example of this was a US Marine being charged with Murder in Fallujah.

The day before his best friend in Iraq went to inspect the body of an insurgent that was laying flat face down in the ground. It’s a well known technique that the insurgents use when a soldier or Marine go to roll him over to see if he’s dead, they’ll detonate a grenade and kill the people in the room or extremely injure them.

His friend was killed. And history teaches us to learn from mistakes.

The very next day, even after being wounded the day before he returned to duty and found himself in a similar situation. He went to roll over a body to inspect it and when he started to do this it appeared the insurgent had a grenade or weapon. Unfortunately the man was unarmed but was shot to death. Also it was unfortunate for the Marine because a news crew was following them around that day.

Again, something as horrific as a Marine trying to save his life and the life of his fellow Marines does not warrant me to be up in arms to rewrite the constitution and neither should a rise in crime and the urge to rewrite our second amendment right.

Church and State is another highly misinterpreted law in the constitution. In England, there is a church named The Church of England which has high influence in the policies that govern the country. The current Queen of England, Queen Mary II has the highest honor in the Church of England today, “Supreme Governor of the Church of England”.

Although today the British Monarch does not have much influence in the Church, 300 years ago told a different story.

The only intention of the Founding Fathers were to ensure that there would never be a Church of the United States of America. Religion should not dictate governance of a country. Despite what some current Presidential candidates might think.

So when you see people angry with “In god we trust” in our money, or “under god” in our pledge of allegiance or the commandments being removed from courthouses. You’re seeing the misrepresentation of the constitution due to poor research or education.

Don’t only interpret, but research as well. You’ll learn a lot that way and cause less headaches and wind up being wrong less often.