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Ideology of the Coalition

You should ask yourself what kinds of ideas and laws that you believe in. And you should also ask yourself why you believe in those political ideals. Your beliefs and the political ideals that you follow will decide how you will live the rest of your life. So you would probably want your political ideals to be valid. Unfortunately, for many people, their beliefs are unfounded, because of the fact that mainstream history lessons have not given us all of the accurate facts and interpretations about the politics of this country. Many people also do not have an accurate or even working understand of the real legalities of this country as well. As a person, you will need to understand more completely all about the real law and different political systems of this country. And you can do that, by understanding more about the ideology of the People’s Awareness Coalition.

Through the PAC and the educational resources, we have got on this website; you will be able to have a place to start to learn all that you need to know. The principles of this website are in-line with the original truths and foundational laws that were set by the Declaration of Independence written by the founding fathers of the United States. And all of the principles that you will be able to read through our website, such as this introduction to our ideology, will allow you to learn more about your God-given rights. These are rights that you currently do not have access to because of the many amendments to the U.S Constitution.

The way that you can access your natural God-given rights is through your Nationality. Your Nationality is your non-affiliation with any state. And that idea is the basis for all of the political and legal work that we do. Everyone who wants to be freer and gains their natural God-given rights have got to be able to claim that Nationality status, and that is easy because it is inherent in everyone that is born within this country.

Currently, the government serves as your owner. And because of that fact, the government constructs many of the freedoms that you have. You are not fully free as a person because the government acts as your personal keeper. You may be getting some benefits from the current government and political system of the country; however, you are losing more when it comes to your Constitutional rights because the government acts as your owner. The original Constitution of the United States of America stipulated the creation of a self-governing body of people, who are like-minded. However, that ideal is not the same anymore with the current United States government.

This is a problem that is caused by the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. This 14th Amendment laid the foundation for the current authoritarian and dictatorial state of the current government. This single Amendment has eliminated the many original nationalities that people had to their home state. And it is because of the elimination of these nationalities, people’s freedoms are more restricted.

If you would like to know more about your state nationality and how it can be used to access more of your Constitutional rights, you should keep on reading more of our content.