How to Get the Printing Right with a Heatpress Machine

Political awareness has already brought its platform onto various media, including printing on t-shirts. You’ve seen them a lot these days – people are getting too aware of the government’s every move that they need to bring awareness to others in order to make them vigilant against anyone that wishes to destabilize or retain the current government. And what better way to convey messages of political awareness is through t-shirts. To get the quality and image clear on the shirt, it is best to use the heatpress machine.

Many manufacturers these days make use of the heatpress machine because they know how it is very effective in printing designs on shirts using heat transfer and the Transfer Paper. Do keep in mind that in order to make the most effective printing on t-shirts with the heatpress machine, here are tips that will help you get it right.

Choosing the right fabric

Not all fabrics are compatible with the heatpress machine. Any material that melts right away on a hot surface like thin fabrics and synthetic material should never be considered on a heatpress machine. You have to ensure that when you print on t-shirts or any material or item must be washed after they are printed with the heatpress machine. However, this is not done right away as the print must be left for at least 24 hours to settle on the surface.

Experts also advise that it is best to pre-wash the fabric before the design is printed on the surface of the fabric. If you don’t wash them beforehand, there is a high possibility that it will appear wrinkly after the first wash. The most common kinds of fabric used with the heatpress machine include Lycra, spandex, nylon, cotton and polyester. If you possess fabrics that are not mentioned in the list, you have to ask a clothing expert for advice if they are good to work with the heatpress machine.

Prepping the artwork

The standard in preparing the artwork on the heatpress machine is printing the design first using any form of printer, whether it is laser or inkjet using the Transfer Paper. First is you need to choose a design, in the case of political awareness the right words to use. You can utilize a software called Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. One of the most challenging issues with using the heatpress machine is that the inkjet printer doesn’t have a white color. This means that it is not capable of printing white and that if you want to print something of that color, rather than printing the white ink, it will show the color of the fabric instead. The solution to this is to choose a t-shirt of the color off-white. You have to consider this carefully when you are creating the artwork on your t-shirt using the heatpress machine. You also need to flip the artwork horizontally using the software you made the design. If you can’t do this part well, just expected a flipped artwork when it is already printed on the shirt.