We have compiled some of the common questions that people are sending us.

  • What is PAC?

PAC or the People’s Awareness Coalition is a movement that is dedicated to uncovering the truth of our Constitution. At PAC we believe the premise that our freedom can only be obtained through understanding and learning more about our current legal system. We hope that through the current understand of our government system, we will be able to re-establish the same vision of the country that our founding fathers had. And we also strive to educate other people about understanding more of our current legal systems and terminologies as well.

  • What makes the PAC community better than other similar freedom movements on the web?

We are different from other freedom communities because of the fact that we wish to rebuild these communities that have been destroyed by conspiracy. We firmly believe that people are currently being oppressed by the government because of the laws that were instituted by the government after the civil war. Private law has created a system that oppresses people because of the fact Constitutional rights have been curtailed because of the Amendments to the Constitution of the United States.

  • Is there a difference between the main PAC website and its group websites?

The main website of PAC is mainly for political awareness and general education to the public on these matters. While the PAC groups that are affiliated with the main website provide specific information as it relates to particular matters of the law. So if you are searching for very specific information as it relates to a very particular legal matter, you are able to better find it on one of our group websites that are affiliated with us. If you register with the main website of PAC, you will get a general overview of your legal status and rights. And if you register with the PAC groups website, you will get a more targeted view of your rights and legal status.

  • Is the Constitution of the United States the root of freedom?

In a way, yes it is! The Constitution of the United States is the foundation of the country. And without it, the freedoms that we enjoy as the citizens of this country, would not exist at all. However, due to many amendments that have been introduced to the Constitution, people’s freedoms are not what they should be. However, Amendments to the Constitution and large corporate interests have meant that freedom is not currently the main political tenet of the Constitution of the United States of America.

  • What can I learn from reading the articles on PAC?

By reading our articles and our E-newsletter, you are actually able to stay up to date with all of the current developments and events as they relate to PAC. We provide information that centers on the various missions and goals of PAC. And we hope to make people more politically aware of their rights as it concerns the constitution. And we also provide legal education to everyone reading this website. All of our information about legalities is all legitimate.