Constitution in Chains

The American Constitution, the greatest document of liberty and freedom ever in the world, created by years of deliberation and struggle, set the stage for a free and prosperous nation. Now that great document has been locked in chains by those most sworn to protect and defend it.

Liberty has been suffocating trying to breathe because we have turned off the oxygen mask that feeds it and have not nourished it. That food is the U.S. Constitution, a document that the world should see in envy but we take for granted. Take for instance the new health care bill; it is such a unconstitutional power grab that it chokes the very essence of liberty and self choice. Even in the broadest definition of the Commerce Clause no congress has ever forced an individual to purchase a product (Judge Andrew Napolitano). This is why the American people were and are still angry about the health care bill and are calling for its repeal.

The Tea Party movement had grown out of this anger and frustration that our leaders don’t answer to our constitution and ignore the American people and call them nuts and kooks for willing to stand up to their leaders . We need to unlock the chains and restore the integrity of our American Republic.