Welcome to the official website of the People’s Awareness Coalition. This coalition is dedicated to providing education about the constitution and other political insights. The People’s Awareness Coalition or PAC has been in operation since 1998. And since then the PAC has provided people with insights into constitutional law for over two decades now. Our goal at the PAC is to expand the people’s knowledge about the legalities under the original system of constitutional rights. And by expanding people’s awareness of their constitutional rights, we hope to ensure that they are aware of the kinds of rights that they are entitled to under that constitutional system. Hopefully, the legal knowledge that we provide can help you assert your rights when you need to.

We have a more defined goal that we can aspire to, in comparison to many other similar constitution groups. We offer a more concrete solution to the myriad of people who find their constitutional rights are being violated. Other organizations and coalitions can point towards these kinds of problems, yet they very rarely offer solutions to those problems as well. You will find that if you browse through our website’s database, you can find all sorts of information that should help you understand your constitutional rights better. And it is through education that we believe we can solve the many constitutional rights violations that people encounter in their lives. We guarantee that our solutions to your problems in constitutional rights laws are going to be able to actually help you deal with it.

Our primary goal at the People’s Awareness Coalition is to see the truth when it concerns legal and political matters of the constitution. The same cannot be said of other organizations. Our primary goal of truth-seeking is a rare trait in today’s world. Therefore because we seek the truth, we should not be your primary source for information and analysis about mainstream political issues. This is because we believe that the governments of the different states of American are not lawful. This is due to the fact that many different state governments have replaced God with false idols. And this is also because of the introduction of a new parallel constitutional system that was introduced just after the civil war. Most people are not aware of this parallel constitutional system because of the fact that a single amendment to the Constitution created this division. The 14th amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America changed everything about the new constitution. The validity of this new constitutional system depends on the fact of the consent given by the people, who choose to participate in it. And people can consent and participate in this new system through a variety of different means.

The first way that people can consent to this new Constitutional system is through outright participation in the democratic system, such as by voting in elections. Or they fall under the new constitutional system through receiving benefits and protection from the government. And finally, they are part of the new constitutional system if they do not actively protest it. With all of these different ways that people can participate in this revised Constitution, virtually every person in the country has had their original Constitutional rights taken away.

It is the goal of the People’s Awareness Coalition to educate more American citizens of the fact that they are unwittingly participating in this new invalid system of the Constitution. And subsequently, because they are unknowingly doing this, they are giving up many of their rights which they would have if they followed the original pre-14th Amendment Constitution. We hope that through our legal and political analysis of the history of the Constitution we can educate more and more people about the truth of the constitutional system of this country. The current government and its legal courts are stripping people of their God-given rights because of this new version of the Constitution.

PAC is a non-profit education that is dedicated to sharing the truth about people’s constitutional rights. We at the coalition are seekers of the truth, and we also want other people to be aware of the truth as well. And we hope to get your support to the organization as well. So please consider donating to the coalition if you wish to support our work. More people can be made aware of the truth about their Constitutional rights if you pitch in and help us!