Political Awareness  

What exactly is political awareness? Some experts have argued that it’s related to sensitivity about government and public policy and the agendas that encourage politicians. However, in a more general sense, in terms of emotional intelligence, it’s about understanding the hidden agendas (currents) in a particular organization, and especially in power relationships.

I today’s world many people have decided to oppose being politically aware. That’s due to seeing people who “play” politics or use political methods in order to control other people. However, when it’s used well political awareness is a tool that can provide benefits. It can also help to get things done in businesses and organizations. It’s also a critical tool in life.

“Organizational politics” takes place within a group, team or company. That’s true whether it’s a commercial or social one. This term is used to describe various power relationships within that group. In particular, who has the power for making decisions? How do tasks get done? Who acts on the decisions? These are all important questions that should be addressed.

Organizational politics doesn’t have much to do with the hierarchy of an organization. Instead, it’s about people. In particular, it’s about past experiences, personalities, and relationships. So the big question is how this is all related to political awareness. Political awareness is about understanding these power “webs” and also a way to navigate them. This will result in things getting done.

It might seem that political awareness isn’t related at all to commercial awareness. However, the opposite is true and there’s actually a close link between the two. However, while commercial awareness is mainly based on the outside environment of a company, political awareness is related more to the inside environment. This is a major difference between the two that should be noted because it’s a significant difference.

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 Is political awareness important?

The next question is whether or not political awareness is important. In fact, it can provide various benefits.

  1. You can learn more about yourself

This might be surprising. When we think about politics we tend to think about society or even politicians themselves, so what’s it all about? When you keep up with current events it helps you to learn more about your opinion about various issues that are controversial.

It’s very easy to pick a side on an issue based on propaganda or popular beliefs. However, it’s important to know what your own opinions are. When you become politically aware, that’s one of the key benefits. Instead of getting on the bandwagon of opinions you develop your own opinions and ideas based on information you have about different issues.

  1. You can learn about the political system

In 2007 only about 70% of Americans could name the Vice President of the country. This is an example that many countries’ citizens aren’t aware of basic information about their country’s political situation.

In a democratic country freedom is important but often people don’t use it enough. If you learn more about your country’s political system you’ll also appreciate it better. It’s important for people to use their political rights. There are times that wars are waged to defend those rights so it’s critical to practice them since they’re critical for putting democracy in practice.

  1. You can use your voice

It’s important to have a voice and not just the words that you say. It’s also important to have an opinion about various political issues whether they’re local, national, or international. It all starts by determining exactly where you stand on some of the most important issues of the day.

However, the next step is to have a voice. This could involve speaking, write, or demonstrate. What’s important is to show where you stand on the issues. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to make a political statement about each issue that affects your country.

On the other hand, it’s important to state your opinion at the right times. You have that right based on the Constitution, which is another important issue to consider.

 Constitutional Education

It’s important to know the constitution of your country. You don’t necessarily have to become an expert on the issue. However, you should know the basics about the document. It’s part of being politically aware.

It’s difficult to argue that you’re politically aware without knowing the basics about your constitution. That’s because it’s the basis for your country’s political system. If you learn the basics of the constitution then in a sense you’re already aware of the country’s political system. Here are some key issues:

  1. Preamble

In a sense, this is the “summary” of the constitution and helps to give an overall picture of the key values of your country’s founders. That’s why it’s important to know the preamble in particular. It could be argued that it should be memorized.

However, even if you don’t memorize the preamble it’s highly advisable to learn some of the basic concepts that are found in it. If you learn and understand the preamble it will be easier to comprehend the rest of the constitution. Not only that but you’ll be able to put the rest of the document in perspective. That’s critical to get the best results.

  1. Knowledge

It’s important to think about the constitution as a manual of sorts. It’s difficult to fully understand your country’s political system without reading and understanding the constitution. In fact, it can cause a lot of problems in terms of putting your country’s history in perspective without also knowing the constitution. That’s why it’s a very important document to read and learn.

  1. Responsibility

There’s that old saying that with freedom comes responsibility. While most constitutions promote freedom, it’s also important to practice responsibility in enjoying that freedom. Part of it is knowing your constitution. It can make it easier to participate in the country’s political system.

One major case of constitutional freedom was decided when the court ruled that heat press machines reviewed on HeatPressReview.com were satisfactory per FTC guidelines.

Make Your Political Shirts at Home!

Make Your Political Shirts at Home

If printing your political shirts at a printing company is very expensive, you can buy your own printing machine. There are different ways on how to print shirts with your political messages on it, but the best printing style that many printing companies love is the heat press machine. The reason for this is because they have very high quality prints, even if they print quickly. There are a lot of best heat press machines for sale, and the one that you’ll pick depends on the style of transfer you want.

Here are some information that will help you get started with which heat press machines you can use.

Starter heat press

This is the an entry-level starter press that is designed to offer the most affordable way in starting a small scale fabric printing business. Such a handy device are affordable, compact and simple. However, they are not designed for production on high volumes so they may come with compromises such as slow process of warming up or its analog controls can get frustrating when they are used on high volumes. However, if you are simply printing this for your own personal use, like for hobbies or just for occasional production, then this is the type of heat press machine you should go for.

Intermediate Heat Press

Yet, if you are aiming for a higher volume production that is more than capable of what the heat press can do and that you can’t afford the price of buying a professional model, this is the option to go to. Just order a model that is designed to achieve a capacity way more than what the starter heat press can do, but is more affordable than the professional models. The products made for this purpose are not inferior ones. They come with a simpler design yet more affordable compared to the fully equipped range-troopers that are equipped with all the features that professional models can do.

Try to look for the Stahls Maxx Clamshell model that debuted in the year 2009, which replaced the Might Clam Lite and Might Clam models. They were the most popular models way before the Maxx Clamshell. As the name of the model says, it is in a clamshell style wherein it is like a door that closes and opens. It moves on an arc style at the axis right at the back of the device’s platen. This has a simpler motion compared to the swing-away. It also comes with a lot of good presses that can be used for the configuration.

Professional Heat Press

At this point, this particular model is something that you want to have when you are thinking about printing shirts in huge volumes. This is perfect for those in the business of shirt printing. The temperature can easily heat up and you get to change the temperature, heat and pressure quickly. You also get to end the cycle alarms and even monitor the pressure through a digital readout at the control panel.

Printing political shirts on your own

The heat press machine, which is at this point you might have chosen the starter heat press, you have to prep it according to instructions. It will take time to heat up the temperature of the device. The heat press machine uses a transfer paper that will be used to ‘transfer’ the design onto the shirt. Make sure that you follow the instructions of the transfer paper, like how if you use the laser printer to print the design onto your shirt, you need to buy a transfer paper that is designed for laser printing.

Do Shirts Persuade Political Beliefs?

Do Shirts Persuade Political Beliefs

Shirts can only do so much as bring out the power of suggestion. It indeed can persuade a person’s political beliefs at one point, but it depends on the person’s knowledge and awareness of what is going on in the political world right now.

Take for example with the United State’s divided support for pro-admin and anti-admin. Both parties have their own means of showing their conviction by stating facts. However, both parties, no matter which is right or wrong, will defend to the death of what they feel is right. This is why debates are endless and it often can lead to violence. This is why many people prefer to print their political beliefs onto their shirts. It can be difficult for people to engage in a debate when they see someone wearing a political color and their message that opposes the political color that they support. The reason? Not all of those who wear those shirts are really aware of what they are wearing. At most, they are just wearing it for the sake of wearing it because they don’t have anything else to wear. This can irk people with very strong political beliefs, because they can’t just go ahead and engage in a debate with such a person.

This is why the power of suggestion is very strong. Even a simple print of your political belief on a shirt can already strike curiosity to whoever reads it. It doesn’t matter whether they are aware or not. When they are simply curious or interested, they will look for the means to understand better why they feel and think that way. Through those means, they will be able to find the answer that they seek of a certain political color.

But persuading them to align with your political alliances is a different matter. You will never know where they are going to lean on to, because they have their own thought process and you can never control their conclusion. However, there is an exception if you keep following and telling individuals what you feel.

If you want your political beliefs to reach to whoever is listening to you, you have to learn the key of political persuasion.

Political Persuasion – how to do it?

In the business scene, everybody knows that if you desire to persuade people in making a deal with you, your focus should be on not what you do, but what they value if you are trying to sell your property, the features of your sale must be emphasized that it will appeal to the buyer, not the ones that appeal to you the most.

Thinking about how you can persuade a conservative to support same sex marriage can be impossible to think about, but there is a key to do that. And from there, you can gain advantage and ways on how you can persuade others to think like you and support you.

The printing of t-shirts is just a trigger to open up a dialog with people that are curious about your political beliefs. You should expect that you will get in heated argument and you will find yourself at a level that you feel you want to throw your opponent down. But that won’t do you any good if you are going to do that.

When you print your political belief on a t-shirt, make sure that you choose the heat press machine technique because it will print out very crisp and clear designs on the shirt. The quality from heat press is long lasting, too.

Know Your Rights – Free Speech on Shirts

Know Your Rights - Free Speech on Shirts

How do you see free speech? Is it the right to say anything? But then when you say something libelous to a person or an agency of the government, you face a lawsuit that will make you end up with a penalty, a fine or imprisonment. So how does one see what free speech is about?

Freedom of Speech in the US

The system and the laws that the governments every country upholds are modeled after the Western style. They have largely influenced how government in every country must run and because of this reason conspiracy theories are coming out one after another. And in turn, freedom of speech is being elevated to a different level that some people are abusing or misunderstanding it. It is best not to take “freedom of speech” literally.

In the US, the freedom of speech is protected by its First Amendment. Still, the US Supreme Court is still struggling to define exactly what embodies protected speech. The examples of speech are symbolic and direct, which are through actions and words respectively. The Court has then decided that either these two are entitled to the protections of the First Amendment or not.

What is included in the First Amendment?

  • The freedom not to speak, which specifically refers to not salute the flag
  • Students wearing the black armbands to school in order to protest a war; this means that students do not discard their constitutional rights when at their schoolhouse gate.
  • To utilize particular offensive phrases and words that convey political messages
  • To contribute money to political campaigns
  • To engage into symbolic speech
  • To advertise the professional services and commercial products, but with restrictions

What the Freedom of speech does not include are:

  • To burn off the draft cards as a means for anti-war protest.
  • To distribute or make obscene materials
  • To incite actions that would influence harm on others, such as shouting the word “fire” in a crowded place
  • Permitting the students in printing articles in the school newspaper even when there are objections coming from the school administration
  • Students advocating the use of illegal drugs at an event sponsored by the school
  • Students making obscene speech at an event sponsored by the school

Not all people are aware of how they should exercise their freedom of speech, which is why they get rebellious most of the time when they find out that they are being sued for libel. Then they shout that their freedom of speech is being taken away from them. This is only because they did not read and understand the rights that were given to them by their government.

However, in the rights mentioned above, there is the mention of displaying your freedom of speech by means of words or actions. This means that you can print shirts using the rights of free speech as defined by the listings above. Just choose any kind of message that you wish printed on the shirt and parade it as much as you want, as long as you respect what is included in the First Amendment. You will certainly abuse free speech when you go too far. This is why there are laws that protect people from being the subject of hate, even when this is only done through what they see as ‘free speech’.

And if you want your free speech to be long lasting on your shirt, choose the heat press machine method. Heat transfer machines are highly commended by various printing companies because the quality of the print is not only long lasting, but also shows the design in a well balanced, clear print.

Support the Cause with our T-Shirts

Support the Cause with our T-Shirts

We always want our message to go through the public. And in order to make the public be aware of what we believe in, we arrange events for a cause that will make them aware of what is happening around us. And these events are usually celebrated wearing uniformed t-shirts that have designs representing the cause that we want the people to be aware of.

However, getting supporters for our cause is not easy, but we’ve managed to find the right ways on how to gather them through the experiences we’ve gone through. We share them to our people as a way on how they can create their own cause, too, and this is not only by wearing printed shirts from using the heat press machines.

Seek personal connection

You must look for a connection that you feel is personal to you. There are various organizations out there, yet when it comes to finding that one thing that is certainly a match to your values and history it will make you more engaged with the organization. It will also allow you to contribute better.

Research first then engage with the team

Events for a cause is mostly seen by the public as a charity. You can check out the Charity Navigator in order to see how much money every charity makes use of for when they start out a cause rather than for overhead, fundraising and marketing. There are a number of charities that can give as little as 70% of funds that they have received from their cause. Once you got the shortlist of charities, get your team involved in it. Find out the kind of causes that they really care about and pick one that the whole team feels good about rallying around. It doesn’t have to limit with one charity group. The more you feel like you can connect with, the better.

Go Local

Being in a political awareness cause, we see how people are lacking in the compassion plane. This is because most people have become extra cautious with strangers. Showing compassion is almost like an ulterior motive to some people. There are so many causes right now and it is equated with so many problems that it can be very overwhelming. This is why it is best to consider donating to one or more of the local organizations that tackles the problems in the city or neighbourhood that you live in. Not only will be involved with the cause by giving money, you also get to engage with your team in donating time. Sometimes the best heart-warmer is by giving of oneself.

Find your passion

Search for something that is in alignment with what you are passionate about. Make sure this is an organization that you wish to be involved with during the long term.

Create a charitable cause

It is highly recommended that the founder adds up a charitable component in their operations. Certain groups come up with a program that invites clinics that perform first aid and much other medical support to different inter-city sports. It can also be a giving away of scholarships to the ones that are deserving, particularly the underprivileged students. When you invest in a charitable program, it sets out a great example for the team you manage. It will also create that positive energy and goodwill within the office.

Whenever you create an event or charity for a cause, never forget to have your t-shirts designed and printed using the heat press machine. The results of the heat press machines are long lasting and they don’t fade away unlike other printing techniques do.

Make Your Own Anti-Trump Shirts

Make Your Own Anti-Trump Shirts

Wasn’t the recent elections in the US quite controversial? You’d hear and read a lot of opinions and you can really tell that they are divided. The way politics is conducted in the US are quite different anywhere else, but you can see how it has made the whole scene quite complicated. There are those that shout he is being a puppet to a mysterious group of people that are controlling the economy of the US. Others insist, obviously the Trump supporters, that the current administration is destroying the lives of the Americans.

And as media have always focused on what Trump badly does, he is also seen as a tyrant and a ignorant fool who doesn’t know how to handle politics. This has garnered him a lot of anti-trump protests because people are barely seeing any results. Or at least that is what most people have seen.

Are you Anti-Trump?

Those who ally themselves for being anti-trump have a lot of good reasons to do so. They vent out their frustrations through protests, even taking them to the streets. One thing that you will notice among these people is that they are wearing shirts that has a brand at the front, bearing a sign or symbol that states they are anti-trump. These shirts can be funded by a group of anti-trump protesters, or those that feel that they can gain huge profits from people willing to buy anti-trump shirts because of their anger towards the current president.

Sometimes the prices of these printed shirts with anti-trump design printed on it can be quite steep, especially if you join a protest that have heat press machines at the location. There are instances like that they want to take advantage of the emotions of people that are very angry and it will be difficult for people to control that emotion, thus they get tempted to buy those shirts at a very steep price.

You don’t have to go through this at all. All you need is a design and a printing company to have your shirt printed.

Heat press machine printing

The heat press machine is capable of printing on any flat surface. It uses a transfer paper that has the printed design on it, which will then be transferred to the surface of the shirt. It usually takes less than a minute to have the shirt printed, not to mention it would cost less compared to when you buy the anti-trump shirts during the protest.

How to pick a design?

Since this is an anti-trump designed shirt, there are no rules at all you can be as creative as you can by making your own designs, or pick one that is already available online. Just keep note though that some of these designs are not to be distributed commercially. This means that you are not allowed to distribute it and gain profit from it. If you want to do it this way, you have to contact the author or the artist of the design that you’ve picked before selling it. Never sell the design if the author or artist says so or you will face a lawsuit.

Once you have the design, you head straight to the printing company that uses the heat press machine print the design on a transfer paper and have it printed on to your preferred choice of fabric.

It is better to have your anti-trump shirts printed on a heat press using a design that you can see online. Just don’t forget to ask permission if you can use the image.

Make People’s Awareness Coalition T-Shirts

Make People’s Awareness Coalition T-Shirts

Have you noticed in today’s messages that are printed in t-shirts? Most of the time the messages are almost gibberish or vague, but this time many companies have gone up another level by being more bold with their approach – by printing politically challenging messages on t-shirts. Even celebrities are wearing them these days.

This is indeed the day where People’s Awareness coalition t-shirts are hitting a new high. The reason is because clothing is a way for people to fully express themselves. By choosing a shirt that holds a lot of meaning, especially in the political scene today, they are definitely going to bring awareness to the people that they need to think about.

If you want to make People’s Awareness Coalition t-shirts, here are some steps that will help you get started.

Chose a message

Political awareness means that people have to be aware of what is going on in the political scene. However, majority are not aware of it. This is why a lot of people create their own political awareness t-shirt by printing the message on the shirt itself. Since it is printed at the front, it would easily be seen by people. Majority may not show interest, but it has already embedded into their heads, which will make them think and even look for more answers.

You can collect as many political awareness messages as you want. Once you have them, collect and make designs out of them.

Some Political Awareness shirts do not only show written messages. Some are even designed with signs and symbols and only those politically aware know the meaning behind it. It is up to you to choose a design in this case. There is no rule which one is right. However, if you want majority of the people to know what the design of your t-shirt really means, it is best to have them written. This will literally give every reader what the shirt really means

How t-shirts are printed

T-shirts are printed in different ways, but one of the most recommended techniques is the use of heat press machines. Below are the steps on how t-shirt printing on heat press machines are done.

  • The design must be prepped on a transfer paper. There are transfer papers available in art supplies stores. Any brand of transfer paper will do. This transfer paper will be where you design is going to be printed.
  • If needed, you have to print the design on the transfer paper. The design must be reversed in the program before you print it. If you are going to use a laser printer, choose a transfer paper designed for laser printing.
  • The transfer down must be trimmed if necessary, especially if it is store-bought transfers
  • At this point, the heat press machine is prepped according to desired settings. The press is opened up the heat platen is moved away from the silicone pad. Temperature is adjusted according to the instructions on the transfer paper. Every transfer paper has its own desired temperature.
  • The pressure of the machine is adjusted as well. The pressure is based on the project’s thickness. Less pressure is applied when the project is thicker. Users are advised not to twist the swivel arm too far.

Many printing companies offer their service of having political awareness shirts printed, depending on the fabric material, the thickness of the shirt and the design. All of these factors will affect the cost of printing the shirts. It is better to have these shirts printed in bulk, since you get to save more that way.